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Life Insurance

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Term Life Insurance

    • Provides coverage for an elected number of years
    • Pays a benefit to your beneficiary if you pass away during the term
    • Usually the most affordable way to provide some financial security to your family after your death

Universal Life Insurance

    • Also referred to as Whole Life or Permanent Life Insurance
    • Provides coverage for the rest of your life
    • Most policies have the ability to build cash value

Business Life Insurance

    • The death of a key employee can ruin a business. Key Person life insurance can provide the financial support needed to sustain operations.
    • In this arrangement, the business is the beneficiary and can use the funds to help with expenses related to business continuity to hire and train a new employee, finance operating costs or assist with the process of changing business ownership.
    • Business life policies can also be used to fund non-qualified retirement plans

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